Update Zombies Coming In China 2022

Update Zombies Coming In China 2022

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Recently, Tiktok has been shocked by the news that there will be zombies in 2022? Is it true with the news, let’s see the explanation below.

I don’t know where the news came from. The admin himself said the news appeared in an article that mentioned the existence of zombies.

are zombies coming in 2022 are being searched a lot on search engines especially the tiktok trend. Because netizens want to know the truth.

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Users on social media platforms went into a frenzy after a 2021 article exploring the question in a pop culture context was misunderstood.

Platforms have been flooded with theories that the undead exist in China, which the article says is a potential birthplace for a zombie apocalypse.

The author suggests that the outbreak will start in a Communist country because “they have chosen to hide information many times”, rather than in the UK and US as we have seen in many horror films and thrillers.

Struggling to separate fiction from reality, some TikTok users fear that 2022 could see further virus outbreaks – as the world continues to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

While it’s not clear who started the trend – two things are certain.

Zombies are just horrible Halloween costumes and the social media reaction to the weird trend is nothing short of entertaining.

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