Toca Hair Salon 4 MOD APK 2.2-play (Unlocked) for Android

For those of you who are looking for a friendly and educational mobile title that you can enjoy with your kids, you will surely find this interesting game from Toca Boca a must on your mobile devices. Feel free to dive into the full simulation experiences of Toca Hair Salon 4 as you explore the stunts inside the hair salon.

Create beautiful hairstyles for multiple clients with different choices. Enjoy simple gameplay that is very accessible and very suitable for children, as it allows them to explore the world around them. Meanwhile, you will also find yourself having a lot of fun exploring and playing with the game features of Toca Hair Salon 4.

Find out more about this interesting mobile game from Toca Boca with our full reviews.

a story

More than just a simple game, Android players in Toka Hair Salon 4 They will find themselves experiencing the educational and relaxing gameplay of the hair salon simulator, as they dive deep into all the interesting activities that happen around the hair salon. Feel free to have your full fun with the simple and addictive gameplay.

Here, the parents can enjoy the absolute freedom to enjoy this interesting game with their kids. It will be a great platform to introduce the kids to all the work inside the hair salon, for educational purposes of course.

Feel free to handle different tools and equipment while presenting interesting hairstyles to clients. At the same time, also have fun as you play with unique and exotic hairstyles. And most importantly, feel free to let the kids do whatever they want with their clients, so that they can fully immerse themselves in their imagination.


Here are all the great features that the game offers:

Simple and interactive hairdressing salon simulation game

To get you started, Android players will find themselves enjoying the simple and interactive gameplay of the hair salon simulator as you try to perform all kinds of transformations on your different clients. Feel free to choose all the tools and equipment at your disposal to change its appearance. Also, with the intuitive and accessible touch controls, you will always find yourself enjoying the amazing Toca Hair Salon 4 game to the fullest.

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Cut, grow, color and style different hairs

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this fun hair styling game in Toca Hair Salon 4, where you try to give your clients some amazing cuts. Feel free to explore the hair and beard station as you enjoy cutting your clients’ hair. Have fun playing with different tools and equipments to cut, trim and shave their hair to give them an interesting look.

More importantly, you can even regrow old hair using the regrowth option available. This will allow players to experiment with interesting hairstyles for their clients with all kinds of interesting variations. Give them curly, textured and colorful hairstyles with great visual impressions. Feel free to enjoy their interesting reactions after seeing your new creative work.

Introduce your clients to the perfect makeup

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the amazing Face Station, where you will try exciting makeup and face paint for your characters. Feel free to apply interesting cosmetic items to your characters to enjoy unique looks on them. Here, users can pick up the interesting mascara to give thicker eyelashes to your personality, and apply eyeliner and eye shadow to make their facial features more prominent. And most importantly, by using face paint, you can boldly draw on the faces of your character to give them a cool and powerful makeup. Don’t be afraid to try and enjoy your end results.

Try hundreds of different styles with the available outfits

After you have done the hairstyles and makeup on the characters, it’s also time to enjoy the interesting style transformations in them Toka Hair Salon 4 With many outfits available. Feel free to experiment with exciting costumes, suits, dresses and many other accessories to make your characters even more exciting. With more than 100 different clothing options, you will always find the game very interesting and interesting. Display its patterns with many interesting customizations so you can enjoy the exciting patterns.

Feel free to wash, rinse and repeat whenever you like

For those of you who are concerned, you don’t have to worry if you accidentally get your clients’ hair cut wrong, or give them some obnoxious makeup and “unique” bandages. Here in the game, you will find it very easy to wash and rinse all the unwanted transitions. Thus, the original characters come back to you with their old looks, to carry on with your salon business.

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Take amazing photos of your customers

On the other hand, with full makeup and fun outfits ready, you can watch their sexy expressions of the salon business, and feel free to take pictures whenever you want. Save them to your photo books so you can come back to these interesting patterns whenever you want. Also, have fun sharing it online with other players so you can enjoy your makeup challenges even more.

Explore the in-game store for more options

For those who are interested, you can now buy merchandise, buy certain cosmetics or get new dresses for your salon. Have fun playing with new hairstyles thanks to new tools and equipment. With lots and lots of different options, Android gamers in Toca Hair Salon 4 can find themselves enjoying their hairstyling experiences to the fullest.

Multiple characters with unique appearances

Also, for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of Toca Hair Salon 4 with new characters, each with their own unique look and feel. Feel free to choose what you find interesting from the character sets and enjoy unique transformations with them. Enjoy playing with all the equipment available in your store and more.

The way to play is suitable for both children and adults

And for parents, you will now have a great mobile game to enjoy with your kids. With educational and fun gameplay, Toca Hair Salon 4 offers exciting fantasy play experiences that you found in Toca Life City, meanwhile, you can introduce Android players to more interesting and interactive experiences through their interesting salon.

On top of that, you can rest assured knowing that the kids are enjoying their playing style and are enjoying a perfectly mobile-friendly title rated for kids. So feel free to let them play on their own and explore their interesting imagination.

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free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Toca Hair Salon 4 is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Thus, you will find that it is very easy to get the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay for anything.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay on our device

Also, for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the fully unlocked version of the game with unlimited purchases and ad-free experiences thanks to our mod. Feel free to download a file Toca Hair Salon 4 Mod APK From our website, follow the instructions provided and the game should be ready in no time. Now, you can enjoy the fully unlocked Toca Hair Salon 4 and enjoy the pretend play experiences to the fullest.

Picture and sound quality


With kid-friendly visuals as well as interesting character designs, Toca Hair Salon 4 provides easy-to-use and fun gameplay for parents to enjoy with their kids. Here, you can enjoy the interesting animations and interactions between the characters, and at the same time, find yourself completely immersed in the beautiful in-game visuals. But most importantly, the lax graphics settings will ensure that the game runs smoothly on most Android devices, regardless of their hardware capabilities.

sound / music

Along with the exciting in-game visuals, Android players of Toca Hair Salon 4 will now enjoy relaxing and engaging audio experiences in their game. Here, you can enjoy great gameplay freely while also immersing yourself in the immersive soundtrack and sound effects.

last thoughts

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of hair salon simulation in Toca Hair Salon 4. Moreover, the intuitive and interactive features of the game will make it the perfect pretend game to play with your kids. Combined with fully pedagogical and educational unlocked version From the game on our site, you will find yourself completely satisfied with Toca Hair Salon 4.