Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK 1.37.1 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If modern car racing experiences are no longer interesting to you and you are looking for a more classic sports racing title, then Rival Stars for horse racing It is without a doubt one of the best games for you. Here, Android players will have their chances to truly enjoy the ultimate horse racing game by fully engaging in different aspects of the sport and industry.

Enjoy taking care of your horses you have known since birth and make friends with them. Breed perfect stallions and train them to raise your diamond to the raw level. Manage your entire home farm with lots of interesting in-game items to play with. And don’t forget to take your perfect stallions in the races and compete with other top contenders from all over the world.

Learn more about this interesting Rival Stars Horse Racing game from PIKPOK with our comprehensive reviews.


Thanks to the great efforts of your father, who was very successful in his career in horse racing and ranching, and many dedicated employees, your home stable has gained many glory and prestige in the past. But then, a sudden accident occurred in your father when he fell off his horse while participating in a race, the farm owner turned upside down and misfortunes plagued your family constantly.

Now, after hearing the news of your father and the current state of the farm, you have agreed to the goal of Francis Kwan, your family’s greatest friend and your father’s faithful partner, to return to the farm and try to save it from the current situation. bankruptcy case. Leverage your racing talents and management skills to help return the farm to its former glory while also paying tribute to your father’s legacy.

Here in Rival Stars Horse Racing, Android players will have the opportunity to live their dreams and become owners of their own horse farm. Enjoy exploring the different elements of running a horse farm, where you can freely interact with your horses in many ways and also work on different aspects of organizations.

Enjoy meeting new friends who also share the same interests as horses and will always be ready to help you overcome any difficulties during your travels. Breed the perfect horses and race them. Compete to restore glory and reputation to your family. And most importantly, you can create your own success stories in Rival Stars Horse Racing.


Here are all the great features that the game offers:

Intuitive interfaces and touch controls

To get you started, Android players in Rival Stars Horse Racing can easily enjoy the addictive sport title thanks to the simple, highly varied and in-depth gameplay. Intuitive interfaces with accessible menus and helpful tips will allow you to quickly participate in a mobile address. Plus, once you’re into the races, simple touch controls and helpful tutorials will make sure you can ride professionally even on your first try. Simply change direction left and right to move your horse, use the synchronized running option with the sprint energy bar to make sure your horse is performing at its best, and keep an eye on your opponents and tracks to come up with the best tactics for each race.

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Rival Stars Horse Racing 0 . screen

Captivating stories and amazing characters in the game

Throughout the game, the Android players of Rival Stars Horse Racing will have the opportunity to experience the amazing in-game stories that will get them fully involved in their adventures in the horse farm and racing. Find yourself entertained by many realistic and relatable events with interesting characters to interact with, each of which will play its own role in your success stories. They will also help you during your daily work on the farm. So it’s always great to have some friends, as you progress through the game and reach your ultimate goals of restoring and developing the family farm.

Engage in epic and exciting horse races

And for those who are interested in the epic thrill and excitement of participating in horse racing events, you can now enjoy the real deal, thanks to the immersive and fun horse racing gameplay in Rival Stars Horse Racing. Here, players can truly feel the thrill and thunder as they engage in real 3D races against other opponents.

Have fun racing with your many different horses moving in realistic style, thanks to accurate motion-captured animations, cinematic angles, immersive and intense commentary that follows every moment of the race, and more. Take full control of your horse and have fun making split-second decisions as you try to push it forward from the fast group and aim for the first place. Compete in many amazing competitions and earn your laurels in Rival Stars Horse Racing.

You can freely customize your in-game characters using the editing features provided, which allow players to change their faces, silks, helmets, and other appearance-related items to create stunning final visuals. And to make the game even more exciting, you can choose to take part in the races on your own and earn the laurels of the farm just like your dad did. Or you can also hire an experienced jockey to help you with the job.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 1 . screen

Enjoy breeding your ideal stallion

Here in Rival Stars Horse Racing, Android players can work with the best horses that are fully capable of participating in the races and can level them up even more. Enjoy playing this addictive horse racing simulator game with many of your favorite horses which can be purchased from the breeders in the game. Or you can try breeding your amazing stallions from talented parents. Sell ​​your new horses for great money deals. Or enjoy training them to get your perfect stallions for competitions.

To make sure that Android players can enjoy the exciting breeding game of Rival Stars Horse Racing to the fullest, your horses will have unique characteristics, detailed appearances, pedigree history and different stats, making them completely different from the others. Enjoy working with the genetic breeding system to make your different horses look amazing and have cool traits to become champions.

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Take advantage of the available training features

And for those interested, you can now explore the various training options from the game, allowing players to fully develop their talented stallions to their fullest potential. Start by hiring trainers who can help turn your horses into champions. Take advantage of the features available to train different abilities, improve the stats, and the overall performance of your horse, which will allow it to have better speed, sprint energy, and acceleration. As a result, you can then participate your horse in epic competitions and win your titles.

Build and upgrade your home

To make the game even more exciting, Rival Stars Horse Racing will now allow players to fully participate in this addictive horse farm management game. Enjoy exploring the features available in the game to comfortably restore your dwelling to its former glory. Start by fixing dilapidated institutions by making money competing in small races.

Choose to unlock different building options so you can furnish train facilities, stable kiosks, and other buildings in your home. Feel free to work with useful upgrades, as they allow you to increase the capabilities of your horse. Complete certain goals and objectives to earn special rewards that can help you develop your farm further.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 3 screen

Multiple stages with many challenges

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working on different stages of the game, each featuring several in-game challenges and levels for you to overcome. With many epic missions and spiraling gameplay, Rival Stars Horse Racing will make sure that you can all get fully involved in the great mobile title without any issues.

Enjoy the game with or without internet

To get more fun with the great mobile title, Android players of Rival Stars Horse Racing can now enjoy playing their favorite horse racing action with or without internet. Here, you can have fun with friends and online players by participating in real-time racing competitions, where you can really test your abilities.

Or you can also enjoy offline races that follow stories, available for all players to enjoy even without internet. As a result, you can always enjoy your offline play of Rival Stars Horse Racing whenever you want.

Rival Stars Horse Racing 2

Many live events to follow

Here in Rival Stars Horse Racing, players can enjoy many interesting in-game events, which feature unique themes and refreshing gameplay for you to always enjoy. Make sure to log in to the game to enjoy these limited time events and get many special rewards from each of them.

Bring your horses to life with Augmented Reality

For those who are interested, you can also enjoy working with Rival Stars Horse Racing’s great AR technology, allowing players to freely take amazing photos with their virtual horses in real life. Just select the horses you want to take a picture with, then enable the augmented reality camera to match your poses with the realistic horses. Capture your photos from many angles and create amazing in-game shots.

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Get your daily rewards for free

And for those of you who are interested, you can now get many of your daily rewards from the game, which allows Android players to enjoy the game more. Just come back to Rival Stars Horse Racing every day and collect your daily rewards for even better prizes this weekend.

free to play

For those who are interested, you can also enjoy the exciting gameplay of Rival Stars Horse Racing for free on any of your mobile devices. Here, the game features many of its elements for you to play without having to pay anything. However, there will be some ads and in-game purchases that you need to unlock if you want to enjoy the full title.

Explore the modified gameplay on our website

And last but not least, to make sure that you can enjoy the awesome mobile title of Rival Stars Horse Racing to the fullest, we also offer our free and unlocked game on our website, all of which you can download. Here, we offer ad-free gameplay with in-game purchases removed and unlimited money. As a result, you can freely explore the stories and many in-game features without any problems. You only need to download a file Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK On our site, follow the instructions provided, and start enjoying this addictive mobile title.

Picture and sound quality


Here in Rival Stars Horse Racing, Android players can enjoy the amazing mobile game with realistic 3D graphics and life-like animations, making horse racing experiences absolutely amazing. With the in-depth gameplay and management of horse racing simulation, Rival Stars Horse Racing should allow all players to enjoy their mobile racing title to the fullest.

sound and music

Get ready to be immersed in the immersive world of Rival Stars Horse Racing not only with amazing sounds but also with amazing sound elements. Here, the game on Android allows players to fully engage in the races with powerful sound effects, including horse breathing, intense commentary, and enthusiastic crowds on the field. All that will let you have more fun with this addictive racing game.

last thoughts

With amazing features and addictive gameplay, Rival Stars Horse Racing allows Android players to truly enjoy the title of mobile horse racing simulation to the fullest. And the free and unlocked version of the game on our site will definitely give you more reasons to enjoy it.