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Video The viral scandal of the cabs of Cucuta on social networks. Which is a photo of the bio and the century of cabs of Cucuta!

The Cúcuta Taxi Cúcuta controversy has erupted following reports of videos containing sexually explicit material.

Thee video was recorded in a cab located in the old part of the city. The video was well liked and 1,000 people asked the association to imprison the driving motives.

Video Of The Cucuta Cab Scandal

The video shows a woman and a man who saw alcohol and then took a cab and made a video. The incident occurred during the day and in one of the busiest areas of this metropolis, the capital of Norte de Santander.

After listening to the recording, Edgar Torrado, head of operations of Radio Taxi Cone. The organization to which the vehicle was linked, denied what happened and insisted that the corresponding sanction be imposed.

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At the same time, the organization also issued a statement saying that it could do everything possible to. “manage the scenario and ensure that such an element does not occur and imitate us”. On the other hand, Freddy Aranda, the owner of the cab, determines that while doing a little mechanical work in the workshop.

Who is the cab of Cúcuta.

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Still in the air to leave the car for 3 days of the man who appears in the film. The power of the thought process was directed at me, but check what happened. I regret and reject this episode, the car should work so as not to be used for such items. “, pronounced the owner of the power of the thought process. Cab.

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Viral video of the Kukut cab scandal and full video of the Kukut cab harassment.
A scandal has erupted in Cúcuta Taxi after a video surfaced in which a sexual substance is stored in a cab in an alleged sector of the city. The images are trending and hundreds of users are demanding that the association sanction the drivers of the vehicles.

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The video shows a girl and a man drinking alcohol and then getting into a cab to record a video.

This happened without trying to escape and approaching the busiest sector of the capital of Norte de Santander.

Upon learning of the recording, Edgar Torrado, head of the Radio Taxi functional organization where the vehicle was located, denied what happened and said that sanctions would be applied.

The organization also issued a statement in which it promised to take measures to “address this situation and ensure that this activity does not happen again, it does not represent us”.

For his part, Freddy Aranda, the cab owner, said that when he was doing mechanical work in the garage, he decided to rent the car for three days to the person shown in the video.

I was recommended the driver, but look what happened. I refuse and apologize for what happened, the car should work, not for doing such a thing,” said the cab owner.


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