Eid Al-Fitr 2022: A Unique Tradition Abroad Before Eid, Some Compete to Break Boiled Eggs

Eid Al-Fitr 2022: A Unique Tradition Abroad Before Eid, Some Compete to Break Boiled Eggs


One of the things that can be known on the holy day of Ramadan is the unique traditions of various countries during Eid. The reason is that many Muslims are now in various countries outside Indonesia and Arabia.

Therefore, of course, there are many unique traditions that are usually held ahead of Eid in various countries. Here we report from various sources, on unique traditions in various countries.

1. Eid Habta in Oman

Reporting from the page, Eid Habta is a unique tradition ahead of Eid which is celebrated in Oman. Hundreds of people will flock to Eid Habta’s traditional animal market to trade livestock. People will jostle to bid on imported goats, sheep, and cattle. The Eid Habta tradition started six days before Eid.

2. Eid Traditions in the Middle East

Several Middle Eastern countries have unique Eid traditions. Reporting from the page, in the United Arab Emirates to Bahrain, from Saudi Arabia to Oman, all residents have the habit of buying Eid clothes, especially children. Adults, especially women, will beautify their hands and feet with henna, for men, will straighten their hair and beard at the salon.

In addition, the custom before the Eid prayer in Arabia begins after the morning prayer and continues to drink coffee or tea and eat Arabic sweets and biscuits. Then go to the mosque for Eid prayers.

3. Pilgrimage ahead of Eid in China

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Reporting from, China has a unique tradition of welcoming Eid. Muslims at a mosque in Yinchuan and Yunnan in northern China used to visit the tomb of Sayyid Ajjal Shams Al-Din Omar.

He was the first governor of Yunnan and introduced Islam to its citizens. In addition, he is also noted for teaching tolerance between religious communities. Not surprisingly, his role is a reference for Muslims in China. When in the grave, they pray, read the Koran, and clean the tomb to keep it clean

4. Chand Raat Tradition in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Women in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh often give the limbs a color called Chand Raat. These colors only last temporarily and are usually painted on the feet and hands using henna. the shop owners will also decorate their stalls and open the shop until the morning. Henna stalls are usually adjacent to jewelry stores, so they can attract consumers who are shopping while being painted with henna. Apart from doing this tradition, women also share and exchange sweet treats.

5. Tokhm-Jangi in Afghanistan

Cracking Boiled Eggs called Tokhm-Jangi is a common practice in Afghanistan. The sign of losing or winning is seen when the egg breaks, then someone will lose. This tradition is usually carried out in one particular place followed by all ages, both young and old