Viral Shaxsiy Kabinet Test Natijalari – Shaxsiy Kabinet Test Natijalari Applicants who took the test will receive their scores the day after they took the test they can access their personal offices through the site. To do this, you need to enter the passport series or ID code .

Since 2019, there has been a huge innovation in the way scores are published.

First, the applicant’s answer sheet scanner is also being posted. He can see that it is truly his, and there are no more questions left.

Second, he can see which questions he answered correctly and which questions he answered incorrectly. This is also a big change.

To do this, you need to visit the site and select the “Test results” section. When the test results are released, this section of the site will start working, and you can enter the information on the DTM sheet and get the answers from here.

It should be noted that on the days when the results are released, the site will be more difficult to operate. This is definitely due to the large number of visitors.

The service is free of charge.

In addition, The scores of all applicants are published openly and transparently on the site. 

That is, you can choose your course, find out how many points your opponents got, where you stand, and what your chances are before you wait for the mandate.

On this site, the name, surname, date of taking the test and scores of all applicants are displayed.

One of the most frequently asked questions by the applicants was that we know our score the next day, but we don’t know the score of the others, who will guarantee that it will not be changed in DTM until the mandate is released.

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Via SMS (2018 and previous years)

Ucell, Beeline, Uzmobile and Perfectum Mobile subscribers can send the answer sheet number to 5100 and receive the test result.

The SMS price is as follows:

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– All SMS sent to 5100 are free;
– Each SMS from 5101 is 75 cents.

And the answer comes as follows:

HEI: Name of higher education institution
SCORE: 167 (10*1.1+30*2.1+30*3.1)
You have been recommended for a studentship based on a state GRANT.

Also, by texting 5100 with the letter “B” in front of the number of the answer sheet, you will receive information about the passing score for your course. This service is also paid.

SMS can be sent to 5100 even before the results are out. When the results are out, you will receive a reply SMS.

️ Via Click

This service has been provided by Click before and worked well. It is expected to be commissioned in 2017.

To use the service, you need to send the USSD command *880# from your phone and select the item “DTM-2017”. After that, you enter the number of the answer sheet and you can get the results by paying 2000 soums from your account.

️Telegram through BOTs

You can find out the test results with the help of @dtmbot or @dtmrobot BOTs in Click’s Telegram messenger .

To do this, you search for these BOTs in Telegram, write the Start command and choose the language you like. The rest is explained by the BOT itself.

This service is also paid, and you need to pay 2000 soums through Click.

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By directly visiting the university when the answers are officially announced

If it is not possible to use the above methods, or if you do not believe the answers received through them, you can directly go and view the test results on the information boards located in the territory of universities from the day of the official announcement of the answers.